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Handmade Wedding Table Plans
Made Marvellous offer the following selection of handmade wedding table seating plans for your consideration:-

Traditional Board Seating Plan, Framed or Unframed
Mirror Table Seating Plan Traditional Printed Card
Mirror Table Seating Plan Hand Written / Drawn
Chalkboard Seating Plan, Hand-Drawn & Hand Painted
Creative Display Table Seating Plan
Table Seating Plans:
Traditionally, a seating plan is placed into an ornate picture frame and on your wedding day, mounted onto an easel, located near to the doorway or entrance to the dining area.
Moving away from tradition, your table plan can be placed onto a framed mirror, be unframed or, growing in popularity, is a creative display table seating plan. For those of you who have chosen a theme, we provide a reasonably priced bespoke service and our award winning designer Claire, will plan and design a bespoke wedding seating plan for you. Table name cards and guest place cards can also be made to complement your handmade wedding table plan. 

Wedding Chalkboards:
Our hand drawn / hand painted wedding chalkboards continue to grow in popularity and our 'Friends Central Perk' chalkboard table seating plan is being bought rather than hired as it makes a lovely keepsake following your wedding. We had a "Friends" chalkboard order from a lovely couple in New York (along with some brilliant wedding decor ideas), for their Ayrshire wedding. It was really exciting to plan, design and make the products - have a peek at our blog "From New York to Ayrshire". Another chalkboard table seating plan was delivered to a happy couple in Ayrshire who then took it with them to Greece for their wedding - this is becoming an increasingly popular option as more couples choose to be married abroad in guaranteed sunshine. 

How to Plan your Tables:
This task is often more tricky and time consuming than most couples realise. Please read our blog 'Wedding Table Seating Plan - How to!' for lots of tips and advice on how best to proceed with this.
Our top tip - take plenty of time to do this and have fun with it and on a more humourous note, remember that it is not your friend's nicknames that go on the table plan...that has raised a smile or two in the past!  

Made Marvellous work primarily in Ayrshire and normally deliver direct to your wedding venue or by arrangement. For customers outwith Ayrshire, we provide a business courier service delivering to Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland and abroad. 

 Wedding Table Seating Plan Gallery:

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