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Handmade Wedding Favours:

Wedding favours provide the perfect little 'thank you' to your guests for being part of your wedding celebration. 

What type of wedding favour?
There is just simply so much choice that possibly the best place to start is to decide whether you prefer your wedding favours to be edible or a gift such as wrapped candles, beautifully scented soap in an attractive dish, small plants etc.

Top favourites in the edible category are tablet, whisky miniatures and small, dainty packets of sweets that can be personalised and presented in cute, reusable containers. For gifts, the list is endless including scented soaps, lucky lotto tickets, keyrings, badges, plants, etc...

Funny Wedding Favours:
Gift wrapped matches tagged "The Perfect Match"
A packet of seeds - "Watch our Love Grow"
A small jar of honey - "Meant to Bee"
Gift wrapped mints - "Mint to Be" 

Claire at Made Marvellous will be happy to suggest some ideas of how to work in your theme to create personalised favours to either complement or perhaps even contrast with your wedding stationery and decor. Recently, we received a couple of requests from brides 'in a panic'. They had purchased the materials for their wedding favours but then found them to be too time consuming and footery to make. Whether it is to assemble your favours, package them and write the tags, just ask - we normally only charge for our time.

Made Marvellous wedding favours deliver to all wedding venues in Ayrshire, South Glasgow and South Lanarkshire and will either deliver direct or by arrangement.

 Wedding Favours Gallery:

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