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The following products are available for selection to complement your handemade wedding stationery:-

On the Day Handmade Wedding Stationery:
Order of Service  
Table Names or Numbers 
Place Cards
Post Box 
Guest Book
Signage for Sweetie Table, # / Social Media etc.

Additional Wedding Stationery:

Thank You Cards
Change of Address Cards

Budget and Choice:
You may, of course, select one, two or several products from our range of handmade wedding stationery products. Should you wish to make your wedding extra special, you have the option to select a full wedding invitation and stationery suite and we recommend that you allow approx. 5-10% of your wedding budget to do so (depending on choice of materials). Made Marvellous also provide an additional wedding decor option to beautifully coordinate your wedding from start to finish making it truly special for you, your family and guests.

Table Names and Place Cards:
You could choose to go with tradition and have Table One, Table Two etc. or perhaps opt to have table names. Using table names allows you to introduce some personal or sentimental touches or to have a fun theme and raise a laugh. After all, your guests will be spending a lot of time at their table and it will provide an easy talking point for guests who don't know each other, helping to break the ice. Tell your own unique story by using photos, props and text about: 
Countries or cities you've visited as a couple
Timeline of photographs from babies until now
Song names / lyrics / albums
Famous authors / books / quotes / poetry
Movie titles / quotes / icons
Favourite recipes / drinks / food / cocktails...
The above list is a starting point - think outside the box when it comes to table names and choose something which ties in with the style and theme of your wedding. Also, adding props can really make it fun for your guests and needn't cost a fortune! 

Thank You Cards: 
Your guests have spent time and money choosing a gift for you and it is simply good manners to respond to their thoughtfulness and kindness by sending a thank you card. Some couples choose to order their thank you cards at the same time as their wedding invitations whilst others prefer to wait until after their wedding or honeymoon. Read our blog for further information. 

Made Marvellous work primarily in Ayrshire, South Lanarkshire & Glasgow and normally deliver direct to your wedding venue or by arrangement. For customers outwith these areas, we provide a business courier service, at reasonable costs. 

Please contact us for further information.

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