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Beginner's Guide Part 4: Table Stationery & Thank You Cards

Mar 1, 2015

Beginner's Guide to Handmade Wedding Stationery, Part 4 of 4

Table Names, Table Plan and Place Cards:-
Gone are the days of Table One, Table Two etc as nowadays, it's all about bringing your personality into as many elements as possible and table names provide the perfect opportunity to do this. Using table names allows you to introduce some personal or sentimental touches or to have a fun theme and raise a laugh or as weddings are a truly romantic occasion, tell your own love story using photos, props and text. After all, your guests will be spending a lot of time at their table and it also provides an easy talking point for guests who don't know each other, helping to break the ice.

Here are some great ideas:
Tell your own unique story by using photos, props and text about:
Countries or cities you've visited as a couple
Local or important landmarks which have special meaning to both of you
Timeline of photographs from babies until now - always good for a giggle
Song names / Song lyrics / Albums / Festivals and Concerts
Famous authors / famous books / lines of poetry / famous quotes
Movie titles / movie quotes / movie icons
Favourite recipes / favourite drinks / favourite food / cocktails...
The above list is just a starting point - think outside the box when it comes to table names and choose something which ties in with the style and theme of your wedding. Adding props can really make it fun for your guests and needn't cost a fortune!

Table Plan and Place Cards:-
When you have decided on your table names, your table plan and place cards will be designed and handmade to match your chosen theme...check out our Facebook page for the Friends themed Central Perk table plan which was done in combination with each table being named after an episode using the couples own family photos and text...brilliant idea and really well received!!

Handmade Wedding Thank You Cards:
Your guests have spent time and money choosing a gift for you and it is simply good manners to respond to their thoughtfulness and kindness by sending a thank you card. Some couples choose to order their thank you cards at the same time as their wedding invitations whilst others prefer to wait until after their wedding or honeymoon.

Ordering beforehand allows you to send a thank you card as each gift is received rather than sitting down to write 70+ cards after your wedding or honeymoon...if you can send as many thank you cards as possible before your wedding then it is more manageable to write the remaining cards after your honeymoon leaving you more free time to enjoy life as newlyweds! The time frame for sending out thank you cards after your wedding is approx. 6-8 weeks.

What should you write?
Your thank you message should ALWAYS be handwritten but needn't be formal - just thank your guests as you would if you were speaking to them. However, this can still sometimes be challenging but if you use this basic format, it becomes easier:
greet the guest(s)
express gratitude
be specific about the gift 
thank them for attending (or thinking about you if they were unable to attend).
When making specific reference to the gift, tell the giver how you will use the gift eg "we use the coffee machine every morning, we couldn't live without it!" If you do not like the gift, a simple thank you will suffice.
For monetary gifts, thank them for their generosity, the amount need not be mentioned.

Check and double check that the person you are thanking for the gift is actually the person who gave it to you! Other than mis-spelling a guest's name nothing is more unflattering and embarrassing than mixing up guests and gifts. To prevent this from happening, either write a card as soon as each gift is received or compile a list of guest names and gifts and tick them off as each card is done.

Thank you cards written after the wedding could include an anecdote from the day, or mention something funny that happened or tell them a little bit about your honeymoon. Enlivening your message will make it more personal rather than just a plain thank you. Thank you cards should ideally be posted and never, never, never send your thanks by text or email.

Style and Theme:
If ordering your thank you cards before your wedding, it would be normal to choose a style and theme in keeping with what you have chosen for your wedding invitations. However, waiting until after your wedding provides the opportunity to use your favourite wedding photo or photos on the front of your card. This is a lovely idea and really appreciated by guests who perhaps will not have the opportunity to view your wedding photos.

Made Marvellous hope that you have enjoyed reading our articles and for all you 'newbies', we hope that you are now more familiar with the why, what and when of handmade or bespoke wedding stationery.

Remember! There is no right or wrong wedding stationery, just what's right for you!!

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