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Wedding Dates to Avoid 2019, 2020, 2021

Jan 20, 2019

Wedding Date Selection

When it comes to selecting the best date to book your wedding, there are a few dates that could be worth avoiding for various reasons.

Family Politics:
To avoid upsetting any family members or close friends, you may want to check your diary for milestone birthdays, upcoming weddings of family members or friends, big anniversaries and any other significant days involving your family or close circle of friends.

Local Events:
It's also worth checking for any planned events in your local area, or the area you're planning on getting married in. Does the town have an annual festival or carnival that might be worth avoiding? If you're unsure and want to be on the safe side, contact your local council - they should be able to notify you of anything within the local area that is big enough to cause disruption to your wedding plans.

Friday 13th:
If you're superstitious, you might want to avoid any Friday 13th dates. There's nothing to say that getting married on Friday 13th is actually unlucky (it will be lucky for some), but if you're someone who's particularly superstitious, here are the Friday 13th dates for the next 3 years...

2019 - Friday 13th September; Friday 13th December

2020 - Friday 13th March; Friday 13th November

2021 - Friday 13th August

Valentine's Day - Interesting Fact:
Researchers claim to have found the one date that they say is the worst to get married. After analysing one million married couples, they found that those who got married on February 14th - Valentine's Day - were most likely to get divorced - shock, horror!
Within five years, 11% of couples had split and 21% after nine years. Apparently it's all down to couples wanting to have the perfect wedding, rather than a happy marriage.

Is your potential wedding date clashing with any big sporting events? This doesn't mean you can't hold your wedding during these dates, many are prime summer Saturdays after all but, it may well be worth some consideration.


Sunday 3rd February - Super Bowl

Saturday 6th April - Grand National

Saturday 13th April - Scottish Grand National

Saturday 18th May - FA Cup Final

Saturday 25th May - Scottish FA Cup Final

Saturday 6th July to Sunday 28th July - Tour de France

Saturday 13th and 14th July - Wimbledon Tennis Championship Finals

Thursday 18th July to Sunday 21st July - Golf British Open 

Friday 20th September to Saturday 2nd November - Rugby World Cup


Sunday 2nd February - Super Bowl

Friday 12th June to Sunday 12th July - UEFA Euro 2020

Wednesday 24th July to Friday 9th August - Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics

Tuesday 25th August to Sunday 6th September - Paralympic Games


Sunday 7th February - Super Bowl

May (date TBC) - FA Cup Final

Saturday 23rd October to Saturday 27th November - Rugby League World Cup

UK/Scottish Public Holiday Dates:
It may seem like a good idea to choose a date when your guests will be on holiday but public holiday dates might be more expensive for your venue and suppliers and also, some of your guests may plan to go away on holiday.

We hope this has been helpful and wish you good luck with your wedding date selection.

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