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Goldfish Bowl Wedding Table Decor

Jan 1, 2017

Using Goldfish Bowls as Wedding Table Centrepieces

Selecting to use fish bowls is the easy part - what to put in them is the more difficult choice - fresh or dried flowers? Water or no water? To fish or not to fish? Eh, what?!

Fresh or Dried Flowers:
This is an entirely personal choice as both work equally well. Flowerheads floating on top of water perhaps with some bear grass, beads and candles - lovely!  Alternatively, keep it simple with some crystals and a small selection of dried flowers in your wedding theme colours. Fresh flowers can be tied into a posy and placed into the fish bowl surrounded by ivy or similar greenery. Flowers can also be used to surround the fish bowl with perhaps some crystals and a large candle inside the goldfish bowl. Stunning! There are many options to choose from and we will be happy to provide assistance.

Mirror Plates:
Why not accessorise your decorated goldfish bowls with round mirror plates? This will reflect the bowl and its contents and is particularly effective when illuminated. Petals or crystals can then be scattered on and around the mirror plate to create added interest.

fresh flower goldfish bowl centrepiece

Water or No Water:
Once again, this is a personal choice but may also depend on what is going into the water...
Floating candles and flowerheads are still a popular choice and of course, if you choose goldfish then it's a no brainer - water will be required!

real goldfish wedding table centrepiece
However, if you are thinking about this attractive and somewhat eyecatching option, we recommend that you take advice from your local reputable pet shop regarding the best way to go about this.
Does the water require to be pre-conditioned or can tap water at your wedding venue be used?
How do you transport the fish to the venue?
What else is going into your goldfish bowls?
Will the goldfish require food? (not from the wedding menu - ha,ha)
What are you planning to do with the fish at the end of the night - goldfish are certainly not everyone's idea of the perfect wedding favour!
If you can sort all this out then yes! goldfish swimming around a decorated fish bowl will wow your guests!

Small Goldfish Bowls:
The above goldfish bowl suggestions are perfect for use with round tables. For tables set out in a rectangular shape, we recommend that you consider using smaller sized bowls. Depending on the length of each table, we suggest using 2-3 bowls per table. This photo shows a selection of smaller sized bowl with thistles and raindrop pebbles from a recent Scottish & Irish (Thistle / Shamrock) themed wedding. This lovely couple flew over from Australia in order to celebrate their wedding with their Scottish and Irish families - awwww!

Scottish thistle themed table centrepiece 

Check out our Wedding Decor page for more goldfish bowl wedding table centrepiece ideas...

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