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Sparkling Winter Weddings in Ayrshire

Oct 1, 2016

Winter is wonderful for many things - stylish boots, skiing, cozy fires and warm jackets, to name a few but when most people think about weddings, they don’t automatically think of the winter time.
Late Autumn into Winter is such a dreamy, romantic time of year, full of excitement as Christmas approaches and long, dark nights twinkling with stars and bright, colourful lights.
Winter is indeed a beautiful season to get married and is growing in popularity as couples realise that apart from the colder weather (bearing in mind that it is still possible to have a beautiful, frosty sunny day), they can have their desired style of wedding at any time of the year. 

Competitive hotel winter wedding packages:
Wedding season (April through to September), is nothing short of hectic with many brides having to opt for midweek wedding dates to secure the month in which they wish to be married. From October through to March hotels are generally less busy and many top Ayrshire hotels and wedding venues offer Autumn / Winter packages. It is worthwhile shopping around if you are on a budget and also of course, to view what each venue has to offer. Exciting!
Wedding Suppliers:
We have a fantastic selection of wedding suppliers in Ayrshire and many of them also provide their own wedding packages, particularly when ordering in larger numbers or quantities. As mentioned before, shop around and have fun finding out what the various wedding suppliers can offer...


Winter Wonderland Wedding:
Some brides dream of having a winter wonderland wedding with sparkling snow for a truly 'white wedding' but as we know, planning snow is even more difficult than planning sunshine in summer! If you have your heart set on snow, then probably best to consider going abroad to one of the beautiful European winter wedding resorts


Winter Wedding Colour Combinations
White and Silver:
White is perhaps the most obvious choice for a winter wedding colour scheme but if you are not careful, it can, on its own, look flat, dull and boring!
Hints of silver transform a classic look into a dazzling display that shimmers and shines - think beautifully shining polished silver candelabras, elegantly decorated with seasonal flowers and sparkling crystal drops...


White and Gold:
A traditionally festive colour and a popular winter colour scheme, white and gold conjures images of snow and firelight and has an air of grandness and elegance. Think of sparkling glass candelabras adorned with some greenery or holly, crystals and candles. White, frosted glass jars and vases with gold rims and gorgeous fresh winter flowers. An abundance of choice awaits...

White and Black:
Tmelessly classic although not perhaps the immediate choice for a winter wedding. Black and white combines perfectly to provide a glamorous, chic look. The crisp contrast, sleekness, and formality bring a seamless, effortless, yet still romantic look to your big day. Huge selection of decor ideas are available and can be complemented with either black chair covers and white sashes or white chair covers and black chair sashes. Alternatively,  you could introduce an accent colour but make it subtle or you will lose the lovely effect of the gorgeous monochrome white and black...

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