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Handmade Wedding Stationery Guide

Sep 11, 2016

Our Made Marvellous Guide to 'Everything Wedding Stationery'...

To the layperson, if you ask them what wedding stationery is, probably around 8 out of 10 will reply 'wedding invitations'. Absolutely nothing wrong with that answer but these same people would probably be astounded at the actual number of products that are available from our range of personalised wedding stationery.

From experience, the majority of couples do not realise that they can order all their wedding stationery to coordinate perfectly throughout their wedding ensuring continuity of style, theme and colour. We write this blog not as a criticism of this but as a helpful aid for all future couples and their families to help with their decision making and wedding budget planning. Indeed, a recent survey revealed that a minimum of 5% of your total budget should be allocated to wedding stationery.

Made Marvellous Handmade Wedding Stationery Products

Let's divide our wedding stationery products into 3 categories - Invitation Suite, On the Day Wedding Stationery and After the Wedding Day Stationery...

Invitation Suite:
Save the Date Cards : Wedding Invitations : Details Cards (such as menu choice, accommodation, directions etc) : RSVP Cards & Envelopes (don't forget to budget for your stamps) 

On the Day Wedding Stationery:
Order of Service : Table Seating Plan : Table Names or Numbers : Place Cards : Menu Cards : Wedding Favour Tags: Decorated Cardboard Post Box : Guest Book : Signage for sweetie table, hashtag / social media etc.

After the Wedding Day Stationery:
Thank You Cards : Change of Address Cards

Some of the above products may well be termed as wedding decor by other companies but the way we look at it is - if it's made from paper or cardboard, it's a stationery product.
Okay, how many of you are now having a panic attack about the number of products listed above? Our suggestion is to calm down and simply take your time to work out what you require for your style of wedding and what fits in best with your wedding venue. For further information, have a browse through our wedding category or contact us if you have any questions.

Handmade and most definitely not homemade!!
To finish on a more humorous note...during one of the wedding exhibitions that we attended, a mum was heard to remark to her daughter (whilst walking past our stand), "Oh look dear, there's the homemade wedding invitations". That did make us smile...

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