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Top Wedding Colours 2016

Jun 12, 2016

Serenity (Pantone 15-3919) and Rose Quartz (Pantone 13-1520), were picked as Pantone's two Colours of the Year 2016. Pantone Colour Chart.

Is a beautiful ice-blue shade. Cool yet captivating, a lovely choice for a wedding celebration. Should be easy to work into your floral arrangements, decorations and fashion choices. Serenity, perhaps slightly understated but definitely the height of sophistication! 

Rose Quartz:
Ah, the perfect choice for our lovely princess brides who adore pink. However, a word of caution here, don't get carried away and have 'all things pink' as that would be overwhelming. Where and when possible, use as an accent colour. Elegant pinks combined with subtle shades of grey and lots of lace detail - simply stunning.

Snorkel Blue (really?):
Yep, this colour is indeed named snorkel blue (Pantone 19-4049). Hard not to immediately think of snorkelling in warm waters - not in Ayrshire then...
Moving on, this gorgeous colour can be used to introduce a more regal accent of jewel-bright blue into your wedding celebrations - think selective blooms and table decor.

Pantone Colours 2016

Peach Echo:
Pretty pastel colours remain a firm favourite amongst brides and grooms and 2016 sees the rise of dusky peach and the gorgeous peach echo (Pantone 16-1548). Shades of peach are perfect for adding a twist of nostalgia and a vintage-y feel to your day.

Fiesta (not the car):
Is there any colour more romantic than this? Fiesta (Pantone 17-1564) is a strong, passionate colour that definitely works best used strictly as an accent colour - think 'quality rather than quantity', darling!

Lilac Grey:
What a truly sublime colour - dusky, dreamy lilac grey (Pantone 16-3905). And finally, a colour that is so inoffensive and muted, it can be worked into almost every detail of your wedding. Combines well with most colours to accentuate or blend, fab!

This will make you either smile or frown...
Are you superstitious? During my research for this blog, I was trawling through some websites and stumbled across a rather entertaining (or perhaps alarming?) article about wedding superstitions. And, relevant to our wedding colour blog:-
Married in WHITE, you have chosen right
Married in BLACK, you will wish yourself back
Married in RED, you will wish yourself dead
Married in GREEN, ashamed to be seen
Married in BLUE, you will always be true
Married in PEARL, you will live in a whirl
Married in YELLOW, ashamed of your fellow
Married in BROWN, you will live in the town
Married in PINK, your spirit will sink
Who knew?! 

Introducing Colour into your Handmade and Bespoke Wedding Invitations:
Having made the decision of which colour or colours you want to have for your bridal party outfits, flowers, table decor etc., your stationer will be able to match up your colour(s) and work them into your wedding invitations and stationery. All reputable wedding stationers will have colour coded cards to help you choose and these are available in a choice of finishes such as pearlescent, opaque etc. Have a leisurely browse through our website and Facebook page for some great inspirational ideas! x

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