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Wedding Table Seating Plan - How to!

May 23, 2016

Wedding Table Seating Plan - Do's and Don'ts 
For many couples, organising the seating plan can be tricky, often involving much head scratching and even stress. Planning all aspects of your wedding should be a happy experience and this guide is designed to help you create a wedding table seating plan to hopefully, make it less of a chore and more of a joyful, fun experience.

handmade chalkboard wedding table plan

Check with your wedding venue how many tables you will have and how many guests can be seated at each table
Have fun deciding on whether to have table numbers or to have a theme, table names 
Blue Peter moment - here's one I made earlier...cut out paper tables and then strips of paper for each guest, or type your wedding guest list, print and cut out. Place the tables onto a large surface and then start to place each strip of paper/guest at the appropriate table. Guests can then be easily moved around to suit and there is no danger of forgetting anyone
Decide whether you want to have a children's table or if you prefer them to be seated with their parents
Place families together if possible, providing they all get on with each other of course, and then slot in friends to complete the numbers at each table
Try to place single friends at tables with guests of a similar age
Identify children on your table plan and high chair, if required. Remember that your table plan is also for use by your wedding venue when setting up the tables. Also, if alcoholic favours are being placed on the tables, your table plan is used to ensure that the favours are placed correctly. Goodie bags are very often provided for children and their place setting can easily be identified from your table plan
If you make any last minute changes to your table plan, remember to contact the stationer and also the wedding venue - it is definitely preferable that your lovely handmade table plan matches the table settings

handmade wedding table plan

Forget that some guests will require extra consideration:-
Children may have tantrums or frequent toilet visits and should ideally, be seated near an exit
Elderly guests may be hard of hearing and be best seated near the top table so that speeches can be clearly heard
Put all the single guests at the same table and definitely do not seat them at the children's table - they will not easily forgive you for that one!
Forget to proof read your guests names. We recommend that you ask a close family member or friend to check this with you - it is not the first nor will it be the last time that Made Marvellous have been provided with nicknames for some guests. Claire at M.M. always sends a pdf of your table plan for final approval and that is your opportunity to make any corrections to your plan 
Feel that you have to sit people in friendship groups. Place at least 2 couples who know each other at each table to help to keep the conversation flowing 

Top Table:
Normally takes care of itself and the traditional seating order from left to right is:-
chief bridesmaid, groom's father, bride's mother, groom, bride, bride's father, groom's mother, best man

We hope this has been helpful and should you have any questions then please contact us, always happy to help x

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