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Humanist Weddings in Scotland

May 9, 2016

Humanist Weddings:
Humanist weddings are increasing in number each year. They are popular with people who have no religious affiliations, but who want to enter into a publicly committed marital relationship.

Humanists aim to draw positive moral values from life that are based on human experience, rather than God‐given. They don’t believe in an afterlife, but think that "we should try to live full and happy lives ourselves… and make it easier for other people to do the same."

Humanist ceremonies are highly personal and individual and are conducted by a humanist celebrant or humanist officiant. They are trained and qualified to perform secular humanist celebrancy services for weddings as well as other ceremonies and rituals.

Planning your Humanist Wedding
First of all, plan your wedding date and time, then you need to do the following:
Check out the various Scottish Humanist organisations and then contact the one you feel happiest with, perhaps even contact two or three to get a feel for who you feel most comfortable with. This is an important decision as after all, your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and should be an experience to treasure with many fond memories to look back on.
Ok, so far so good, you have selected a celebrant and the next step is to decide on a venue. This should ideally be somewhere that has special meaning and is personal to you, as a couple. 
humanist wedding in scotland

What will the wedding ceremony be like?
Your celebrant will help you to decide on the type of ceremony you would like and what you would like to say during the service. The job of the celebrant is to help you create a ceremony that is entirely personal to you. In getting to know you they will encourage you to explore your feelings towards one another and help you to express this in words. Your humanist celebrant will be able to offer many suggestions including rituals, readings and music to help you create a wedding ceremony that truly reflects your personalities and love for each!

Where do you want to have your ceremony?
Whether you want to have a dicreet, intimate event or perhaps a romantic castle or mansion house wedding, be outdoors in the beautiful Scottish countryside or on one of Scotland's stunning beaches, your celebrant will help you make it exactly what you want it to be - unfortunately, they cannot control the weather so good luck if you are planning an outdoors wedding - brollies and sunglasses at the ready!

Unusual Wedding Venues
Perhaps you are looking for something different or quirky to reflect your personalities? Take a look at Visit Scotland and Buzzfeed for some excellent ideas - awesome!

Humanist Organisations
Humanist Fellowship of Scotland and Humanist Society Scotland

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