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Wedding Table Seating Plans

Jul 4, 2015

Wedding Table Plans and Table Names or Numbers...

Top Table and Numbered Tables with Traditional Typed Names or alternatively,
Ribbons and Bows, Colours, Flowers, Films, Hobbies, Themed, Cities, Favourite Songs, Butterflies, Hearts, this list is endless...!!

The style and format of your table seating plan is normally dictated by the style, theme or colours chosen for your handmade wedding invitations. Couples nowadays have the opportunity to further personalise their wedding by creating a theme around their shared interests, hobbies or something that has special meaning to them. As I write this blog, Wimbledon is on in the background and for all you keen tennis players and fans, this is a great choice for a themed tennis wedding, particularly if you adore purple and green, very striking (absolutely no pun intended!) More information on themed weddings can be found in our previous blog 'to theme or not to theme'.

Names of flowers is a beautiful choice with vases containing each type of flower placed underneath the table name (remember that Uncle Jimmy and Auntie Betty may not be able to identify the flowers by just looking at them!). Tastefully adds colour to every table as well as a lovely fresh flower aroma. Speak to your local florist to check which flowers will be in season and will stand up to the heat of your reception venue.

Chalkboard table seating plans are growing in popularity and our very own MM 'Friends' themed 'Central Perk' chalkboard remains a firm favourite. Read more about this in our Chalkboard blog.

Seating plans are traditionally encased in an ornate picture frame and mounted on an easel located near to the doorway or entrance to the dining area. Table plans can also be placed onto a framed mirror or plain board. Moving away from tradition, you may wish to consider an alternative approach and have your table seating plan printed onto large tags which can then be elegantly attached to any number of options including a decorated bird cage, wedding wish tree, ladders, wire frame etc.

Many couples choose to tell their own love story starting with where they met, first date, first holiday etc and will name their tables accordingly along with photos of each occasion. So romantic and a fantastic way to celebrate your relationship with family and guests as well as a great talking point on the day! 

Made Marvellous specialise in designing and making bespoke wedding stationery to include and coordinate your save the date notifications, handmade wedding and evening invitations, table plan and table names, place cards, guest book, post box and thank you cards.  Have a look through our Facebook page for photos of our wedding table plans and for more information and ideas. Contact us if you have any questions, we are always happy to hear from you!

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