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Scottish Wedding Invitations

Apr 29, 2019

Scottish themed wedding invitations - one of our most requested style of handmade wedding invite and with good reason...

Tartan Wedding Invitation

Tremendous choice of tartans available. Grooms have the option to select their clan tartan which would, of course, be the traditional choice. Alternatively, many couples prefer to choose a colour to complement the bridesmaid's dress colour / wedding theme colour. For patriotic couples, 'Pride of Scotland' remains a firm favourite offering a choice of nine different colour options. Check (no pun intended!) out the Scotland Shop to find your favourite tartan. 

Scottish Thistle Wedding Invitation

The thistle is, of course, the national symbol for Scotland and throughout Celtic regions, the thistle represents bravery, devotion, durability, strength and detrmination.
Thistles can be used to accessorise your handmade wedding invitations and on the day wedding stationery including your table plan. Thistles are also an attractive and stylish addition to your wedding flowers and wedding table centrepieces.

Scottish Wedding Table Plan

Should you have any questions about Scottish themed wedding invitations and decor, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help...

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